A career for every age and stage – tackling age bias


In November we'll be tackling the vital issue of age bias. Join us for this national webinar where we'll discuss ways to ensure there are career opportunities available for all ages and life stages.

1:30PM - 2:30PM AEDT


Free for members, $35 (plus GST + booking fees) for non-members

Join us at our next National Webinar, where we explore how to create work environments where our colleagues and team members can thrive regardless of their age and/or life stage.

Data is somewhat patchy and research lacking in regard to the impact of ageism in Australian workplaces. However, we know it is a reality.

In 2015, the first National Prevalence Survey of age discrimination in the workplace was conducted across Australia. More than one in four (27%) Australians aged 50 and over reported experiencing some form of age discrimination in the workplace in the 2 years prior (AHRC 2015). Based on the survey data in 2023, people under the age of 25 are, three to five times more likely to be described as bad at managing finances, difficulties, and mental health, constantly taking days off (AHRC).

Our guest has great passion for this topic, so much so she has decided to embark on writing a book on the topic! Through our conversation with  Jilinda Lee, Professional Speaker, Leader, and Advocate for Female Leadership, we hope to enhance your awareness of ageism and offer up suggestions for how every one of us can work to prevent age discrimination in the workplace.

As always, we will be looking to leave you with some practical actions you can take to create a truly inclusive workplace where your team members can unleash their full potential and reach their career goals.

Be part of the conversation. Join us for an interactive discussion around this important topic – we’ll see you there.