Inclusion Influencers

22.06.22DigitalNationalProfessional Development Program

Inclusion influencers are rolling up their sleeves and getting on with it. We believe that change is not only necessary, it is possible, and that we can make it faster.

If you want to be a bigger part of a better world, join facilitator Dr Karen Morley and like-minded NAWO members in this program. Together we can increase our influence as a supportive, committed community. Let’s share the load. We’ll be better together.

Webinar details will be provided by the facilitator.

Digital delivery

$950 (plus GST)

Inclusion Influencers is a program designed to make it easier for you to be more influential and create more impact. It will help you to be more strategic about the change you want to create. You’ll be guided by your conviction that a better, more inclusive world is not just something wonderful to aspire to, it’s possible. And sooner rather than later. 

 An inclusion influencer is an advocate for inclusion: 

  • convinced that a more inclusive world is a better world for everyone 
  • creative, experimenting with better ways to get there sooner 
  • courageous enough to step up to lead the conversation and the action 

This interactive program of five webinars will help you to increase your influence with your stakeholders. You’ll engage in your existing work with new techniques for positively influencing change and actively apply your learning throughout the duration of the program. 

You’ll be lifted up through our community of practice and can share fresh ideas, suggestions and ways to get around the challenges you face. And there are plenty of challenges: it can be hard to get buy-in and change for diversity and inclusion, and it seems there’s always the potential for backlash and derailment. 

Whether or not you have a specific I&D role, it’s often your personal passion and energy that carries you through, and Karen will support you on your journey with this program.

Program Overview 

The program comprises five interactive webinars, with a maximum cohort of 20 people split into mini cohorts of five. 

You can request to have an organisation specific mini cohort of five to help build an internal community of influencers.

June 22 Webinar 1: One hour with group cohorts.

June 29 Webinar 2: Two hours with all participants.

July 20 Webinar 3: One hour with group cohorts.

August 3 Webinar 4: Two hours with all participants.

August 10 Webinar 5: One hour with group cohorts.

The webinar content gives you a focus, a target and action relating to each of the three themes: Conviction, Creativity and Courage, which make up the influencing framework.