Knowledge Share Forum: Applying a gender lens to operations facilities and amenities

14.06.23DigitalKnowledge Share ForumsNational

Join us for a discussion about how we can ensure our facilities are inclusive of gender diverse and intersectional teams.

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1.00 PM - 3.00 PM AEST


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It is reasonable to assume that if you are invited to join a workplace (via a contract of employment), that a certain standard level of amenity will be provided and meet your individual physiological and safety needs. Access to suitable of washroom facilities, well fitting and comfortable PPE, safe change and personal storage, breastfeeding amenities, and consideration of safe access to and from the workplace are all examples of this and key to making workplaces inclusive. 

Unfortunately, many of our operational workplaces are not set up to accommodate diverse employee populations. The responsibility of resolving inequity and imbalance in the workplace needs to continuously shift and change cannot come from individuals alone. Concerted efforts on organisational system redesign, policy, process and procedure are absolutely crucial.

  • So how can we best address this? Who is responsible and how do we even start to make it happen?
  • How do we know if we have suitable facilities available and what does good look like?
  • How can we influence to have this work prioritised in activity schedules and budgets?

Join us at this knowledge share forum where we will explore these questions and more.

We will showcase the work NAWO is doing to develop a Facilities Checklist with a gendered lens, and you’ll hear from a couple of companies already changing up the way they look at this issue. We’ll then engage in a facilitated discussion and participants walk away from the session with one or two action to take forward within their own companies.

This member only Knowledge Share Forum is relevant and open to policy developers, HR partners, and leaders who are influencing change and are responsible for policy development and implementation. Register to receive a calendar invitation to attend this forum. Two representatives per member organisation are welcome.