Nominated for…

Her outstanding dedication and positivity at RTL Transport. In just 4 months, she made a remarkable impact on both the company and the local community. Always eager to learn and never shying away from a challenge, Belinda aspires to upskill and take on larger haulage tasks. Her initiative and determination are truly inspiring, and we’re grateful to have her on board!


Key message

“In my role, no two days are ever the same. It is a product of customer demands (which are often linked to the weather/season), equipment reliability and personnel numbers. Challenges regularly arise and I love turning the chaos into order. If unexpected things occur, the team must band together to find a solution. I love teamwork, thinking on your feet, troubleshooting and finding a way forward. It is fast-paced, reactive and is just as reliant on my technical skills as my people skills and ability to engage and negotiate.”

Congratulations for being part of NAWO’s 100 Women in Operations!