100 Women in Operations

Welcome to the NAWO 100 Women in Operations campaign. This platform celebrates the careers of women in operations across our multi-industry network (our membership is drawn from nine industries that have historically had less than 30% female representation). 

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The purpose of this campaign isto amplify the stories of women in operational roles.  

Your nomination not only recognises your nominee’s success publicly (which is awesome for boosting self-efficacy and confidence), it also draws attention to your employer brand and the exciting opportunities your business offers for people of all genders. Our desired outcome is that other businesses in your sector and the broader community start to see that the landscape is changing and really shake up some of those pesky gender stereotypes! 


Please join our campaign by nominating women and non-binary (she/her, she/they and they/them identifying) people in your business to be profiled on our social media and website throughout 2024.  

Nominees will also be offered the opportunity to be guests on ‘What a Job’ – our fortnightly online Check In & Chats. The nomination process is quick and easy. 

Nominate a woman in operations from your team