Take part in transformative mentoring for women in operations. Learn invaluable skills and knowledge or enjoy the experience of making an impact on someone’s life and career with NAWO’s Australia-wide virtual mentoring program.


Mentor and mentee registrations for our 2024 cohort have now closed.


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Program Overview


Take part in the NAWO Mentoring Program as a mentee or mentor. Mentees access experienced leaders across multiple industries and member companies. Volunteer mentors commit to supporting mentees to achieve their goals, overcome challenges and maximise their future career opportunities.

  • As an individual, NAWO’s mentoring programs are an investment in your future. They provide a forum for you to learn from inspiring leaders, grow your knowledge and build your network.
  • For organisations, NAWO’s mentoring program gives you access to external mentoring for your valuable talent – either 1:1 or as part of a Mentoring Circle – working through a series of structured sessions that have the potential to profoundly impact their future careers.

This year we’ve introduced two new mentoring initiatives – our Gender Equality Men (GEM) Program and sponsored mentoring for women based in Victoria in manufacturing and energy.

We facilitate both group and 1:1 mentoring. Our bespoke matching process has been designed to meet the objectives of each mentee and the skills and experience of our volunteer mentors.

Mentoring Options

  • 1:1 Mentoring (Virtual)

$660 +GST for NAWO Members

Participate in a series of four individual mentoring sessions with a suitably matched mentor to support your desired personal and professional growth. 1:1 Mentoring is available to all NAWO members, regardless of experience or seniority. No matter what level or function within an operational business, you are welcome to register for 1:1 Mentoring. We look forward to supporting you with your career goals.

  • Sponsored Mentoring – Circles and 1:1 (Virtual)

Complimentary for women based in Victoria from the energy and manufacturing sector

Express your interest in joining sponsored 1:1 or group mentoring. These sponsored opportunities are designed to support you to enhance your personal capabilities, develop your career goals, and expand your networks in these important Victorian sectors.  

  • Mentoring Circles (Virtual)

$660 +GST for NAWO Members

Take part in a series of seven group sessions with a peer network of 4-6 women from different operational businesses. Mentoring Circles are operationally focused and each session is facilitated by senior operational leaders with considerable operations experience. If you aspire to an executive position in operations within the next 2-5 years, this program is designed to help you get there.

  • Gender Equality Men – GEM (Virtual)

$660 +GST for NAWO Members

This mentoring program is designed to equip men from operations with the tools they need to champion gender balance, equity and inclusion within their organisations and broader circles of influence. This Program will be lead by highly experienced operations leaders from our network. 

NAWO's Gender Equality Men

We’re pleased to announce NAWO’s newest Mentoring Program venture – Gender Equality Men (GEM) Program. 

Our GEM Program seeks to support men across operations with tools and resources to enhance their inclusive leadership capability and step-up as gender equality advocates in their workplaces. 

The Program will run along the same timeframe as our standard NAWO Mentoring Program (February to October) and comprises of seven sessions that will be led by two incredible mentors.

If you’re a male leader committed to bettering gender balance in operations, make sure register your interest in our GEM Program to activate (intersectional) gender diversity and inclusion throughout the NAWO community.


NAWO's Mentoring Alumni

After 12 years and over 1000 people participating, our outstanding Mentoring Program is expanding to offer an exclusive alumni network. It’s something we’ve been keen to establish for a while, and thanks to the support of Premium Member Amazon Australia we’re excited to invite you to join.


The initiative aims to foster Alumni participation in NAWO more broadly, nurture members via exclusive Alumni only opportunities, and measure the impact of the NAWO Mentoring Program on participants via the Alumni Network. 

Want to get involved with the Mentoring Alumni Network?

Read more about it here and, if you’re a NAWO mentoring alumni member, join us in the lounge on LinkedIn.


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Q: What type of industry should I work in?

A: You will be working in any field of operations, including manufacturing, retail supply chain, agriculture, transport and logistics, warehousing, wholesale trade, science and technology, and utilities in any role (engineering, logistics, procurement, sales, customer service, finance, HR, general management, technical).

Q: How will this improve my career?

A: Mentoring Circles support emerging or mid-career NAWO members who aspire to senior leadership roles and active career progression. 1:1 Mentoring can support you no matter your career level, with accountability to achieve an identified professional goal.

Q: I live rurally. Can I still take part?

A: Yes, as this is a virtually delivered program.

Q: Can I choose my mentor?

A: No. This is because NAWO invests considerable time and capability in the matching process to best meet the objectives of mentees with the strengths of each volunteer mentor. We are confident that this process will ensure the best outcome for both parties.

Q: What does it cost to participate?

A: As a NAWO member the program fee is $660 (plus GST) – for either 1:1 or group participation.

Will the GEMs program run differently to the regular Mentoring Program?

The GEM Program will run along the same timeframe as our standard NAWO Mentoring Program (February to October) and comprise of seven sessions. These will be led by two incredible Mentors, plus feature invited guests and subject matter experts to provide input on the latest ideas and great practice.

Who can apply to be a part of the GEM Mentoring Program?

The GEM Mentoring Program is a space for people who: 

  • identify as men, 
  • work in operational industries, 
  • are passionate about gender equality  
  • are committed to playing an active role in their own development
    and  career progression  
  • are NAWO Members (Individual or Corporate)  
  • have the capacity and availability to work with the Mentors for the full program, and; 
  • have the support of their organisation to participate (time and/or effort)

Who can apply for the Victorian Women in Energy and Manufacturing program?

Eligible applicants for the four Mentoring Circles and five 1:1 Mentoring opportunities are women currently working in a Victorian energy or manufacturing business. 


What does the sponsorship (in the sponsored Mentoring places)cover?

It covers the cost of each mentee which is $660 + gst per person.  Any additional costs such as technology for the virtual mentoring sessions, transport to site visits or other associated costs are to be covered by the mentee. 

How can I apply for a sponsored place?

When mentee registrations open, complete the online application form and select which sector – energy or manufacturing – you would like to be mentored forIf you meet the eligibility criteria we will then contact you to progress your application. 

Download our mentee factsheet

Download our GEM Program factsheet


Q: Do I need to be a NAWO member to take part?

A: You need to be a NAWO member or affiliate to take part in the mentoring program.

Q: Can I choose my mentees?

A: No. This is because NAWO invests considerable time and capability in the matching process to best meet the objectives of mentees with the strengths of each volunteer mentor. We are confident that this process will ensure the best outcome for both parties.

Q: What is the time commitment required?

A: Mentoring Circles include 7 x 90 minute virtual facilitation sessions. 1:1 Mentoring includes 4 x 60 minute virtual individual sessions. In both programs, mentors are also expected to attend a launch event and offer a high level of accountability to mentees.

Q: What does it cost to get involved?

A: There is no additional cost to mentors on top of the membership fee.

Q: What sort of experience do I need?

A: You will be a consistent role model of inclusive leadership and have benefited from mentoring during your own career. You need to be a NAWO member or affiliate, an active advocate for gender balance in operations, and have the capacity and commitment to support mentees for the full program. You will have a natural ability to build rapport online, to listen and respond with empathy and the willingness to share from your own experience where relevant.

Q: Will I be provided with resources and guidance?

A: Yes, NAWO will support you with resources and guidance to deliver Mentoring Circles or 1:1 Mentoring.

Download our mentor factsheet