The Brief

After 12 years and over 1000 people participating, our outstanding Mentoring Program is expanding to offer an exclusive alumni network. It’s something we’ve been keen to establish for a while, and thanks to the support of Premium Member Amazon Australia we’re excited to invite you to join.

The initiative aims to foster Alumni participation in NAWO more broadly, nurture members via exclusive Alumni only opportunities, and measure the impact of the NAWO Mentoring Program on participants via the Alumni Network. 

What mentoring alumni can expect from this network

We’re inviting all past mentors and mentees to continue the connections made through the mentoring experience in a community of professionals with great benefits including:

  1. Formal recognition for your participation in the Mentoring Program through NAWO Now honours, digital badging, and more
  2. Unique speaking opportunities at our webinars and forums as subject matter experts
  3. Streamlined access to further professional development with NAWO via one of our programs
  4. TED Talk style coaching to selected members to speak at our end of year celebration and other events
  5. Career case studies profiling your expertise in a particular area or your career journey within one of NAWO’s member companies
  6. Other profiling opportunities such as being involved in our Mentoring Program promotion and marketing
  7. Being part of a lively and collaborative online alumni community, as well as the option to become an ambassador for the NAWO mentoring program

How to get involved

There are a few different ways to get involved with the Mentoring Alumni Network. Key events and touch points though out the year for the Alumni include our digital launch event with Dominic Price (register here) co-hosted by Mindy Espidio-Garcia and Louise Weine, quarterly in person connections around the country, and an end of year celebration, with the opportunity to apply to be coached to present TED style talks at this event. 

The best way to ensure that you’re part of the dialogue and are up to date on all Alumni related events and opportunities, we invite you to join our Mentoring Alumni Lounge on LinkedIn. We look forward to receiving your requests and welcoming you into the lounge!