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Together with our Alumni partner Amazon, we’re hosting a special celebration with TED Speaker and Atlassian 'Futurist', Dominic Price to launch our new Mentor Alumni Network.

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3 PM - 4 PM AEDT

Zoom Webinar

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  • Complimentary for NAWO Members
  • $39 for Non Members

After 12 years and over 1000 people participating, our outstanding Mentoring Program is expanding to offer an exclusive alumni network. It’s something we’ve been keen to establish for a while, and thanks to the support of Premium Member Amazon we’re excited to invite you to join.

We’re inviting all past mentors and mentees to continue the connections made through the mentoring experience in a community of professionals with great benefits including:

  • formal recognition for your participation in the Mentoring Program through NAWO Now honours, digital badging, and more
  • unique speaking opportunities at our webinars and forums
  • TED Talk style coaching to selected members
  • career case studies and other profiling opportunities
  • being part of a lively and collaborative online alumni community

We are super excited to have Dominic Price joining us as keynote speaker for our Alumni Launch.

Dom is a TED speaker and Atlassian’s resident futurist, with a ‘person-centered’ approach to collaboration, flexibility and team productivity. With a uniquely keen insight on how people work best within teams, Dom has weighed in on critical business debates like the ‘four-day work week’ and ‘the great resignation’.

Dom will take us through some simple, pragmatic, and effective techniques to become more collaborative yourself, and to enhance collaboration among teams you’re working with. These techniques are tried at tested at Atlassian, Australian tech giant, as well as hundreds of thousands of its customers.

We’ll see you there!