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Transform your leadership style, create psychologically safe team environments and set yourself apart from other leaders with this first-of-its-kind operations based professional development program.

Our next Inclusion Habits for Operations Leaders sessions begin in September 2024.

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Program Overview


Real change starts from the top and needs to be woven into the fabric of daily operations, not just reserved for events like International Women’s Day or left solely to HR. 

The Inclusion Habits for Operations Leaders program is designed to drive this transformation. 

This 14-week program, developed in collaboration with NAWO member organisations, taps into the power of neuroscience, which tells us that new habits develop in as few as 50 repetitions, technology and personalised coaching to: 

  • Learn: Complete 10-20 minutes of habit-changing, app-based ‘micro-learning’ a day. 
  • Experiment: Throughout the program, participants put their newfound learning into action through exploring real-life, operations-industry-based scenarios and resources that bring the concepts of inclusion and equity to life and trying out practical ‘experiments’ that boost personal growth and organisational impact.
  • Discuss: Attend regular webinars and benefit from frequent check-ins with experienced ‘Inclusion Coaches’ to reinforce the app-based learning.   

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  • Emerging leaders
  • Front line managers
  • Middle managers
  • Senior leaders
  • P&C Business Partners

Program Development

A program developed by Ops Leaders for Ops Leaders 

What makes Inclusion Habits for Operations Leaders so impactful is that the course was developed in direct collaboration with operations leaders like you, ensuring that it speaks your language and addresses your specific needs.  

This means that the corporate scenarios, imagery and language reflect real-world experiences and that you’ll find yourself in familiar territory with terminology, situations and examples drawn directly from the challenges and triumphs of your peers. 

Our development partners

We’d like to thank the following organisations for supporting the pilot program and helping make the course content so powerful:

  • GWF
  • Linfox
  • Opal
  • Programmed
  • Orora
  • Sydney Water
  • dss+

Developed in collaboration with Emberin.



Our pilot program delivered impressive results, generating a total of 2,886 tangible benefits across the participating organisations. The impact of these was evident in various areas of business performance including enhanced customer and employee engagement, improved safety and wellbeing, increased diversity, boosted productivity, agile leadership development, optimised asset utilisation and strengthened talent pipelines. 

At a personal level, participants gained insights into 

  • The importance of inclusion and consequences of exclusion and a lack of diversity on individuals, teams and organisations.  
  • The difference between ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, and between equality and equity.  
  • Different types of bias, and strategies to mitigate their own biases and effectively address bias in others.  
  • How to have difficult and courageous conversations about inclusion and difference in the workplace, and how to lead teams towards a more inclusive environment.  
  • How to make the connection between the daily practice of inclusive leadership and bottom line results. 

Join us and prepare to embark on a journey of growth and empowerment with our program. 



  1. Courageous curiosity: identify how to embrace our differences and collaborate to work better together.
  2. Effective communication: learn how to understand each individual and break down barriers to make every team member count.
  3. Vulnerability in leadership: understand how to listen, grow and experiment with new approaches beyond your comfort zone.
  4. Positive management of difference: how to foster trust by embracing vulnerability and encouraging others to do the same.
  5. Questioning and challenging the status quo: learn how to be bold, ask difficult questions and ask for more.
  6. Equitable fairness: how to change your leadership approach to bring out the best out of YOU – and others.  

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General FAQs

Q: What's the time investment for participants?

A: The Inclusion Habits for Operations Leaders program is made up of 7 modules, each containing 10 lessons which are completed over the course of a week. To help ensure that participation in the program drives lasting change, participants are encouraged to complete 10-20 minutes of habit-changing, app-based ‘micro-learning’ a day.  

The regular repetition and practice builds habit, encourages participants to  apply and experiment with the habits as part of your daily to do list and helps you make the connection between the daily practice of inclusive leadership and bottom line results. 

Q: How is the program delivered?

A: To make the program easily accessible to members, participants access the daily course content via EdApp, which is available both on iPhone and Android. It can also be accessed via a browser if necessary. 

The app contains all the modules and content that you will be prompted to complete as a daily 10-20 minute ritual. 

There are also four live webinars scheduled over the 10 weeks that are compulsory to attend. 

Over the course of the 10 week program you will be asked to conduct five experiments where you actively apply the inclusion habits to your everyday work. 

Your participation and progress will be tracked and you will be assigned an Inclusion Journey Coach who will touch base with you to ensure you are having a positive experience and navigating your way through the program successful.

Upon completion of all components, you will graduate and be awarded a digital certificate and badge that you can activate on your LinkedIn profile. 

Q: Who is the program suitable for?

A: This program is suitable for operational line managers and leaders at all levels. It has been designed to cater specifically for those who work in dynamic manufacturing, energy and resources, supply chain, warehousing, transport and logistics, and field based and customer facing roles. 

Individual contributors (those with no direct reports) will also benefit from the program, particularly if aspiring to leadership positions in future. 

Q: What does it cost to participate?


NAWO members: $799 plus GST + booking fees

Non NAWO members: $1,200 plus GST + booking fees