Nominated for…

Her boundless energy and passion for the wine industry, Hayley is firing on all cylinders from morning to COB. She transformed the safety system and culture at her workplace by getting her hands dirty and connecting with everyone on the ground. Hayley understands the real vs. the ideal and drives meaningful change by influencing people at all levels.

Always working at 100%, and going above and beyond, she’s a humble powerhouse who never blows her own horn, but we’re here to do it for her!

Key message

“My expertise in health and safety has grown significantly during my time in the Wine Industry, particularly in Winery Operations. Being part of a team of knowledgeable individuals and exchanging ideas has been a valuable experience. The support I receive in my role is significant, and my primary motivation lies in ensuring the safety and
well-being of my colleagues. I believe it is important to have a diverse workforce, as each person contributes a unique perspective to the workplace.”

Congratulations for being part of NAWO’s 100 Women in Operations!