Nominated for…

Her exceptional contributions across GrainCorp’s Carrington Ports and regional NSW country sites and for consistently exceeding expectations and inspiring those around her.

During her more than 13 years at GrainCorp, Huia’s leadership as a Terminal Operator has been transformative. She passionately promotes growth for women in GrainCorp’s workforce and champions diversity, including LGBTQIA+ rights. Her dedication to WeCare and WeDeliver values has shone through in her roles across NSW, ports, and interstate sites.

Huia’s versatility and expertise, spanning operations, management, customer relations, and team leadership, make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Key message

“My vision is a future where diversity and inclusion are seamlessly woven into agriculture’s core, empowering every individual to contribute their unique perspectives. Diverse teams can transform our industry, enhancing problem-solving and driving better decision-making. Through ongoing education and training, we can foster a culture of respect and understanding. I look to a future that supports diverse talent pipelines through collaboration with educational institutions, community organisations and industry partners so that we can ensure a sustainable and innovative future for agriculture.”

Congratulations for being part of NAWO’s 100 Women in Operations!