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In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking with the incredible Fabian Dattner from The Dattner Group. Fabian has so much passion for the topic of this conversation – Living with Complexity – and so our discussion focuses on how to lead through complexity as well. There was so much to cover that we have actually split this podcast into two chapters. You can listen to chapter 1 on the way to work and chapter 2 on the way home!

Fabian Dattner is recognised globally for her advocacy for women with a STEMM background (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine), leading for the greater good, influencing policy and decision making.

Fabian is a founding partner of The Dattner Group, a Leadership Consultancy that specialises in cultural transformation, executive development, senior leadership development and working with women. She is also the Founder of Compass, an Australian transformational initiative for women wanting to be more visible as leaders, building courage over confidence. She is the visionary and co-Founder of Homeward Bound, a ground-breaking global leadership initiative for women in STEMM, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet.

Fabian’s conviction on the impact of great leaders is well documented. Her expertise comes from working over 36 years in entrepreneurial, government, not for profit and corporate sectors and she is an inspiring leader who helps others understand they are leading for the greater good.

Fabian and her team work in energy, food, education, Federal and State Government, corporate and not for profits. Over 1200 women have experienced Compass and some 350 women have done or are about to experience Homeward Bound, finishing with an expedition to Antarctica. Fabian has worked with women from the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Namibia, India, Malaysia, China and New Zealand. Fabian’s focus is to build leadership capability across generations with women’s visibility as leaders a key contributing factor towards sustainability.


In early September 2019, the AFR 100 Women of Influence were announced and you guessed it – Fabian Dattner was one of them. We are really excited for Fabian and her whole team who bring exceptional development to life for women in leadership. Check our Fabian’s blogs on her Linked In page. Or go to these websites for more inspiring blogs and details about the incredible homeward bound project.


and this is a link to the oatmeal backfire effect comic that Fabian referenced in chapter 1 of the podcast. It’s awesome!