Now in its ninth year, our program offers a unique development and leadership growth opportunity for volunteer mentors. Our mentoring approach is informed by the  NAWO Learning Priorities and mentors have the choice of mentoring an online circle or providing online mentoring for an individual.   

We welcome our current and past mentors to join our 2022 cohort, and for those of you considering mentoring for the first time, here are five reasons why you should register with us:  

  1. Become a better leader. Working at leadership in a mentoring scenario improves your leadership capabilities at work. The ability to help others learn and progress will in turn provide you with the skills to advance your own career. 
  2. Achieve personal career gains. Mentoring provides an opportunity to help you get ahead both professionally and personally. Between 2010 and 2015 US tech company Sun Microsystems studied the career progress of 1,000 employees. Employees who had mentored were six times more likely to be promoted than those who hadn’t. 
  3. Shape the leaders of tomorrow. Play a pivotal role in helping shape a persons’ career through sharing your experience and skillset. A report of a female-to-female mentoring program by Flinders University in Australia says, 68% of mentees got promotion since the program started compared to 43% of staff who had not received mentoring. 
  4. Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas. Mentoring is a unique opportunity to understand new and different perspectives. You can learn to see things differently and challenge old behavior, which can lead to fresh ideas in your own professional work. 
  5. Strengthen the lessons you’ve already learned and give back.  Embed your knowledge and skills by volunteering your time to helping develop others. Sharing your experiences might also help you to see them in a new light allowing you to understand yourself better. A report shows that 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence. 

We warmly welcome those in our network interested in being a mentor to register here.

We look forward to having you on board in 2022!