Earlier this year we had the privilege of speaking with Your Toolkit Founder Elisa Fear, about the importance of providing relevant resources for women facing family and domestic violence.  We are so pleased to announce we are working with Your Toolkit as one of our charity partners, and fully support their vision to ensure that every woman is well equipped to be physically, emotionally, and financially secure.

The horrifying fact is one in four Australian women will experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime.  Research also suggests the pandemic appears to have coincided with the onset of physical or sexual violence or coercive control for many women.  It is so important for survivors to have the resources to feel empowered to transition from domestic and financial abuse, and for the organisation for which they work to know what tools are available to support and assist them. This is why Your Toolkit was created, to provide a roadmap for women going through this extremely difficult time, by providing free, web-based resources on personal safety, support and referrals. It outlines a simple four step guide to empower women at risk of domestic violence to reshape their lives and offers support for not only the victims but also their children, families, friends and co-workers.

Your Toolkit was originally developed as a WA based resource and includes links to more than 270 external web pages, one-third of these are about WA specific services. Your Toolkit is aiming to expand its resources to a national audience. If you would like to support Elisa extend her important resources nationally, please donate.

You can learn more about YourToolkit and the resources they provide here.