NAWO members can request an intern to be specially selected to complete a suitable project in an operational function within their business across operations industries. Projects have clearly defined outcomes and objectives, and are able to be completed by the intern on a flexible basis in conjunction with their university studies.

What is your project?

My project at LA Services involved marketing responsibilities. We were focused on reaching as many people as we could, including people interested in the manufacturing industry such as potential clients, aspiring students, and workers. Our main target was to reinvent the perceptions surrounding the manufacturing industry and in order to achieve this, I wrote multiple pieces that highlighted the multifaceted nature of LA Services and the industry.

What have been some of your achievements with the project?

My main achievement of the project would be the social portfolio. It was my first main responsibility at LA Services and required a lot of independent research and work, which made the completion so much more fulfilling.

What have you found interesting?

I found it particularly interesting that there are so many marketing opportunities within the manufacturing industry. From social media to blog posts, there were many responsibilities to be completed and lessons to learn. In particular, I was impressed with their motivation to become more inclusive and their continual efforts to become better community members to inspire aspiring students.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learnt professionally and personally during your time at LA Services?

During my time at LA Services, I came to realise that the manufacturing industry is so much more than what the surface shows. Like others, I had my own preconceived notions but experiencing the realities of the industry made me realise that it is important to go outside the comfortable boundaries of self as there are always notable lessons to be learnt.

What are your thoughts on working in an operational environment in the future after this experience?

I would definitely be interested in working in an operational environment as I believe that it is an industry full of possibilities. With time, as they continue to become more inclusive, it would be an interesting position to be part of a growing industry, both on an industrial and marketing level.