dss+ is a leading global operations consulting firm, resulting from the recent merging of DuPont Sustainable Solutions, Lodestone, KKS Sustainability, Perfect Food Consulting and Sofies. Its mission is at the same time simple and ambitious: “to save lives and create a more sustainable future.” This means dss+ helps its clients protect their people, assets, and licence to operate, transform their businesses holistically, and progress their sustainability objectives. As a business who relies on consultants to generate revenue, attracting, retaining and engaging its people is a strategic priority. dss+ is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace in line with its core values of “respect for people” and “highest ethical behaviour”.

Locally, dss+   has made significant steps to move closer to their diversity and inclusion goals:

  • The company has embarked on an Inclusive Leadership Program. This program supports their leaders to learn and develop new habits that will assist them in being more inclusive leaders.
  • Recruitment has been revamped to attract and hire more diverse talent. This restructuring includes simplifying job ads and inviting applications from people with diverse backgrounds. Interview processes now prioritise getting to know candidates, their values, and what they are seeking on their career path.
  • Introducing a global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy. This policy is driving dss+ to create a workforce representative of all sections of society, and to ensure each employee feels heard and respected. dss+ is also committed to eliminate unlawful discrimination and to not only implement, but embrace, diversity, equity and inclusion among its workforce.

dss+ also has a unique focus on teamwork. This dynamic is crucial to reinforcing core values and aspirations regarding diversity and inclusion. Regular initiatives include:

  • Daily sharing means team members are comfortable to communicate their experiences; positive or challenging.
  • Engaging in the NAWO mentoring program as mentors and mentees to grow and develop dss+ and industry talent.
  • An annual in person, off-site meeting for the whole company, which allows the fostering and deepening of relationships and networks within the whole team.

dss+ is well aware of the critical role that leadership plays in workplace culture. Amongst other initiatives, the company has recently participated in the NAWO – Emberin Inclusive Leadership pilot, which encourages participants how to get out of their comfort zone and stretch their ambitions. Renewed emphasis has been placed on harnessing the collective capability of internal teams, across functions.

Gender parity is a key component of diversity and inclusion for dss+. The company is purposefully working to achieve better gender balance in the male dominated industry of operations consulting. Some of the initial changes they have made have already borne results:

  • Discussing the issue regularly and openly, including reporting on current vs. desired metrics, keeps this objective front of mind
  • Offering flexible working (hour and location) and family friendly practices.
  • Engaging with the NAWO Nine Levers to help identify their current state and where to best focus their efforts to reduce potential bias.

dss+ is excited to extend daily practice of inclusive habits to reach all of its activities and client interactions. Sharing those experiences as part of their daily rituals is how it will continue to build a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.