Living and working with COVID


Calling on our Victorian friends - grab a hot drink and let's catch up!

We know that the pandemic brought lots of major changes. Many of us are still adapting to the new ways of working, interacting, and connecting with others.

We want to unpack what these changes have meant for us and for those in our network.

So, join Narelle and Bec from the NAWO Victoria Committee for a relaxed virtual coffee catch up where they explore ‘transitioning into living and working with Covid’.

9:30 - 10:30 AM


Some of the questions the VIC Committee will cover during this casual and interactive networking event include: Our borders and airports have reopened, but will travel be as big a part of our lives as it was before the pandemic? Has working from home become the new way of working? And how do we support those who can’t? Has the pandemic altered our perceptions of what is important in life? Is it time to rewrite our priorities? How will life look like moving forward? Knowing what we know now, what are we going to hang on to and what do…

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