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Create a safer workplace now.

Join Victoria’s new WorkWell Respect Network (WWRN) today and commit to ending gender-based violence at work.

The WWRN brings a series of impactful learning forums to Victorian businesses, underpinned by the tools, resources and case studies needed to drive organisational and grassroot change, and supported by an powerful network of likeminded individuals and businesses.

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Opening Event: Late July (exact date to be confirmed)
Forum 1: August 8, 2024
Forum 2 (cross industry event): September 5, 2024
Forum 3 October 18, 2024
Forum 4: November 19, 2024
Closing event: Early 2025

Please note: Dates are subject to change.
Successful applicants will receive detailed program information, including times and venues, before the program commencement.

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  • complimentary for NAWO members, subject to successful application


Welcome to the WorkWell Respect Network (WWRN) a powerful, new Victorian learning program dedicated to helping workplace leaders and their organisations build a safer environment for all employees.

Join four dynamic learning forums designed to empower organisations to prevent and respond to gendered violence and support workers with intersectional identities.

Delivered by NAWO, and co-designed by a consortium of industry partners, content matter and design experts and industry leaders including NAWO member, BlueScope Steel, the learning forums are underpinned by tools, resources and compelling case studies to support a comprehensive organisational approach.

From workplace gendered violence prevention plans to systems for reporting, responding and supporting those impacted by gendered violence at work, the program includes everything required to support operations leaders committed to fostering safer and more inclusive work environments.

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Join the WWRN program and transform your workplace with actionable outcomes including:

  • Enhanced awareness: Gain a deep understanding of what workplace gendered violence – it’s impact, who it affects and why it is a critical occupational health and safety issue.
  • Empowered support: Equip yourself and your workplace with improved knowledge to better meet the responsibilities of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and effectively prevent and respond to workplace gendered violence.
  • Influential leadership: Learn how to advocate for change and address the cultural and systemic drivers of workplace gendered violence within your industry.
  • Industry impact: Join a broader conversation driving innovative, best-practice strategies to combat workplace gendered violence across core industries.

On program completion, you will receive:

  • A certificate for sharing on LinkedIn and with your professional network.
  • Comprehensive workbooks to guide your organisation’s prevention, reporting and responding policies.

Take charge and make a difference. Sign up for the WWRN today and lead the change towards safer, more inclusive workplaces.

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Join us for this groundbreaking learning journey and experience:

Official launch

Be part of the launch, hosted by Danny Pearson, the Minister for WorkSafe and the TAC (tbc) at Melbourne Town Hall.

Forum 1: Understand workplace-gendered violence and your role in prevention

Understand what gender-based violence encompasses, how it shows up in the workplace, the broader impact both in and outside of work, and the role of primary prevention through powerful, scenario-based role plays based on real-life scenarios. Then, put these learnings into the context of the evolving regulatory environment at all levels, state/territory and federal, to see how the various legal frameworks support prevention and change.

  • Audience: People leaders – all levels
  • Delivered by: NAWO, Serious Woo and WEstJustice
  • Duration: 3 hours – Sir Zelman Cowen Centre, Victoria University

Forum 2: Applying an intersectional lens to policy and practice

Features a panel with Dr Niki Vincent, Victoria’s Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner, Jennifer Jones, WEstJustice and members of Professional Migrant Women, moderated by Louise Weine, NAWO.

Connect with real-life stories of how culturally and racially marginalised (CARM) women are impacted by workplace gendered violence, understand the importance of applying and an intersectional lens to policy and practice and learn how to adapt to be as accessible as possible to diverse groups.

  • Audience: People leaders – all levels. Professional Migrant Women and NAWO members only
  • Delivered by: NAWO, Professional Migrant Women (PMW), Serios Woo
  • Duration: 2.5 hours, NAB Offices

Forum 3: A whole-of-organisation approach to prevention

Using BlueScope Steel as a case study example, explore the value of a whole-of-organisation approach from priority setting and resource allocation to facilitating action and accountability, understand the barriers to and enablers of working holistically, and identify next steps on how to get started.

  • Audience: Senior HR, EOH&S, General Counsel and General Managers
  • Delivered by: NAWO, OurWatch
  • Duration: 2.5 hours – Sir Zelman Cowen Centre, Victoria University

Forum 4: Reporting, Responding and Supporting

With the goal of initiating an online community of practice, learn from NAWO member experiences relating to responding, reporting and supporting team members post-incidents of gender-based violence.

  • Audience: Senior HR, EOH&S, General Counsel and General Managers
  • Delivered by: NAWO
  • Duration: 3 x 1 hour online sessions

Closing celebration

Don’t miss out on this transformative program. Sign up for the WWRN now and drive positive change.



The sessions will consist of presentations and workshops and will include:

  • collaboratively completing a workbook,
  • elements of scenario work, and,
  • role play.

The workbooks and additional resources will be available to participants and can be downloaded from the program portal.

Forums will be approximately two hours long and either in person in Melbourne’s CBD, or online.

Please note that dates are subject to change; further details, including exact times and venues, will be sent to all successful applicants before the commencement of the program.
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Participation in the WWRN is by application. The program provides a whole-of-organisation approach, with the expectation that the organisations accepted into the Network ensure that they have participation in all of the Forums through the attendance of individuals with relevant experience and job titles.

The forums are free of charge and open to both Victorian-based NAWO members and non-member companies. They are relevant to all people leaders, with two forums targeting senior HR, EOH&S, General Counsel and General Managers.


NAWO is pleased to work with the following organisations to bring you the WorkWell Respect Network:

Industry partners: NAWO is pleased to work with Professional Migrant Women, Victorian Information Communication Technology for Women Network (Vic ICT for Women) and the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) to deliver the WorkWell Respect Network. Together we bring a full spectrum of real-world industry insight and learning to the program. The WWRN Industry Partners each host sub-network forums that represent their specific industries and work together to create cross industry forums.

Expert contributors: Our Watch, WEstJustice, GenderWorks and experiential educators Serious Woo have come on board to develop and deliver tailored course content based on real work experience and expertise.

University partner: The program is overseen by the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre at Victorian University, reknown for delivering powerful learning programs.

Funding: The program is funded by the Victorian Government via WorkSafe Victoria’s WorkWell team.

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