In a recent news update from Kimberly-Clark the organisation’s partnership with NAWO was showcased as ‘an opportunity to advance career development for women in the operational field and provide a forum to learn and receive guidance from industry leaders’:

Kimberly-Clark employees Abby Philipps -Transformational Change and Continuous Improvement Leader, and Kylie Bridger -Asset Leader IA7, commented on the partnership as being “a wonderful opportunity to meet women from other organisations, learn from them, and share information about working in Operations”. They article also shared the opportunities they had been able to access in gaining networking skills – particularly around using technology, such as Linked In, Twitter and blogging, while also learning from inspirational leaders about resilience and tenacity, and how they’ve overcome difficult obstacles in the pursuit of developing their career path.

Kimberly-Clark Australia’s membership with NAWO aims to encourage and support the women (and men) in the organisation via the programs offered through NAWO.