Brené Brown defines a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential. Yep, that’s why we have our amazing Dare to Lead program, with senior consultant and Professional Certified Coach Rebecca Hopkins.

We highly recommend listening to this podcast – Inclusivity at Work: The Heart of Hard Conversations with Aiko Bethea.

This checklist is also a fantastic run-through before you launch into any kind of feedback conversation. If you answer no to any of these questions then seek out support to get yourself into a place free of judgement and bias so that you can genuine lean into curiosity!

“People are opting out of vital conversations about diversity and inclusion because they fear looking wrong, saying something wrong, or being wrong. Choose our own comport over hard conversations is the epitome of privilege, and it corrodes trust and moves us away from meaningful and lasting change,” Brené Brown.