Our human desire to achieve and exceed our performance targets and business results drives (on the most part) tremendous commitment to the workplace. However, too often this is to the detriment of our whole selves and our families, and ultimately to the detriment of our ability to sustain high performance.  The adrenalin surge, reward and recognition and sense of self worth that is gained from high performance at work is addictive, and the benefits from achieving great things in a team environment can be hard to replicate outside of work. We must all be consciously aware of this drive to ensure it does not take over our lives. Organisations (the leadership) must also be consciously aware of the role they play in supporting their employees to perform successful juggling acts.

Women and men in our NAWO network are working very hard to make work work for them. Our NAWO member organisations are getting much better at supporting them to do this. Its in their interests to do so because it makes business sense  – leading to better results, happier workplaces and greater loyality (not to mention lower rates of stress related illness).

Through our collaboration with Grace Papers our objective is to inspire our member companies to utilise the Grace Papers suite of programs to support their women and men as they navigate their way through their journey as working parents, so that they may establish their rhythm a lot faster and more effectively than many of us have done before them.

Please take a couple of minutes to watch this video, ‘Making work work for you’ – a number of working parent role models from our NAWO member Community share their insights. Invaluable viewing for Leaders, Managers and all those embarking on their journey as a working parent.

We thank Australia Post, Orora, CSL Behring and Bunnings for their participation and their leadership, as we celebrate the positive role modelling that is taking place within all our NAWO Member Companies.