NAWO members can request an intern to be specially selected to complete a suitable project in an operational function within their business across operations industries. Projects have clearly defined outcomes and objectives, and are able to be completed by the intern on a flexible basis in conjunction with their university studies.

Cindy talks about the project

In July, this year, I started my project-based Internship at Yates where I gained valuable insight into the careers available in operational work environments. My task was to develop a document management system on SharePoint to securely organise documents within the quality and assurance department, as well as create a standard operating procedures manual to guide users of the system. In conjunction with these tasks, I also got the opportunity to meet with staff within the DuluxGroup, when I conducted tutorials for training purposes via Teams. Overall, I had a positive experience, as I was supported by my supervisor Leslie, and can confidently say that I have learnt technical skills, such as SharePoint as well as worked on my interpersonal skills.

What went well?

The project was well organised, and I had clear objectives to deliver, which I found very helpful. I was able to learn a new skill, and was encouraged to dedicate time to learn it from scratch – which is a rare opportunity to have. As a university student, I appreciated the flexibility that I was given as I was involved in setting timelines and deadlines. I was able to work from home, as well as visit the Mt Druitt site and see the plant. Leslie and I discussed the progress of the project on a weekly basis, and the good communication allowed me to talk about any concerns or questions I had about it.

Suggestions for future interns?

Overall, I enjoyed my time interning at Yates and felt that I have gained so much experience during the past few months. Some possible things that would help make this experience even better would be to have more engagement with other members of the DuluxGroup, so interns can have a clearer idea of the possible careers they could pursue after graduating. Otherwise, I think the program is well structured and has the potential to attract more students to a career in operations.