Here are our learnings from “The Leadership”:

  • The earth needs more women at the leadership table in science, politics, community and business.
  • Climate change is upon us and the time to act is now.
  • Leadership is a lifelong journey.
  • We must continue to be humble and completely open to feedback – as tough as that might be. After that, we’ll become better leaders.
  • Understanding oneself can at times be a deep and confronting process.
  • When we truly allow ourselves to be vulnerable and really deeply get to know ourselves (the good, the bad and the ugly) we can lead more effectively and influence others. 
  • Humility and the willingness to accept when we are wrong brings strength. 
  • Gender based harassment is endemic and a significant cause of imbalance and trauma. 
  • Penguins are impossibly cute and our hearts break for them as their environment changes more rapidly than they will be able to adapt. 

What did you learn from this incredible documentary? Let us know!