I’m very grateful for the opportunity that NAWO and Dulux Acratex have given me, it’s instigated the beginning of my professional career within the coatings industry and with DuluxGroup.

During my internship, I’ve had the opportunity to gain insights into what’s involved in large scale production; from supply chain planning, to procurement, logistics coordination, engineering and production floor operations. Learning not just about the procedures that go into production but the people behind them and how they implement DuluxGroup values daily has been invaluable, and provided a fantastic example of what I can expect from my career with DuluxGroup.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with such a highly motivated team and provided with guidance by an enthusiastic mentor. It makes a huge difference to work with people who genuinely care about what they’re working on and are determined to continually improve how they operate.

During my internship at Dulux Acratex I’ve been working on a range of process improvement projects that have grown from ideas suggested by team members to improve their work flow and error proof processes they use daily.

The most valuable thing I’ve learnt from my experience is to be inquisitive about how a process affects everyone involved. I’ve studied the technical aspects of process efficiency throughout my chemical engineering degree, however every procedure needs skilled people to put it into practice, and finding out how best to use resources to drive improvement that provides value and plays to the strengths of the people who drive the processes every day is a learning that I will take with me throughout my career.

Thank you,