Change begins with you: how women in non-traditional roles can create change


While organisations are increasingly embracing diversity, there is still a lot of work to be done. According to WGEA, women comprised 51% of the workforce in 2020-2021, but were underrepresented in management positions and held only 19.4% of CEO roles.

We know that diversity and inclusion are great for companies and yet, we don’t see them being embraced at all levels of businesses. So how do we work within our organisations to bring about change?

In our upcoming webinar we’re partnering with BlueScope and inviting three incredible leaders, Irena Kupkovic, Stephanie O’Dwyer, and Ruby O’Driscoll to join us for an inspiring conversation about courageous leadership and being agents of change.

1 PM - 2 PM AEST

Zoom webinar

Effective leaders create change Effective leadership is key to creating change. Leaders that can influence team members to change their behaviours and methods to optimise productivity and innovation are the best suited to lead change across organisations. Impactful leaders can be from any professional or operations background but are often known for stepping up everyday to create more inclusive workspaces and using their influence to facilitate positive change. Event format Welcome & Acknowledgement of Country with Kamini Wijekulasuriya, BOS Furnace Manager, BlueScope Introduction to BlueScope with Milco Stojanoski, Manager Slabmaking, BlueScope Discussion with our panel speakers and moderator, Anna Di Giorgio, Organisational Development Manager, BlueScope Q&A session Closing remarks…

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