Dealing with Sudden Change


Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said: “Change is the only constant in life.”

We find ourselves in our second year of an international health crisis and having to continually comprehend, adapt and accept unexpected change. We mustn’t underestimate the ongoing impacts of this – it’s a huge challenge and it is something we all identify with – whether that be as leaders and team members of our organisations, or in our various personal situations. We are constantly being asked to navigate and accept change, and it is getting exhausting.

1 PM - 2 PM AEDT


Please join our QLD Committee to hear two unique and personal stories from two female leaders. Catherine Clark is the CEO of premier netball team the Queensland Firebirds. Catherine is an experienced athlete, coach, policy analyst, CEO and Board Director with an impressive energy to lead teams towards excellence. We will also hear from Head of Processing QLD, Australia Post, Jackie Hogarth. Catherine and Jackie will share how they have supported themselves and those around them in times of sudden change, and offer tips on adaptability and resilience for both individuals and organisations as we continue to live through Covid. We hope these stories will inspire and offer support to those of us who are currently…

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