Webinar: Everyday Acts of Inclusion

08.05.24DigitalEventInclusive LeadershipNationalWebinar

Join NAWO's CEO, Louise Weine, and a panel of graduates of our Inclusion Habits for Operations Leaders program, to explore ways that leaders can build inclusion into their everyday lives.

1:00PM - 1:45PM AEST (Melbourne/Sydney time)



Today’s operations leaders are having to step up in new and different ways in the face of workplaces becoming more diverse and demanding, and new standards and regulations relating to psychological safety and wellbeing.

To assist you, as a leader, in understanding the HOW, NAWO is also stepping up with this engaging session to help you see HOW:

  • The behaviours of leaders can drive up to 70 percentage points of difference between the proportion of employees who feel highly included and the proportion of those who do not.*
  • Inclusion positively influences key business metrics through team performance, decision-making and collaboration
  • Our practical examples of everyday acts of inclusion can inspire you to embed inclusion into your leadership approach for maximum impact.

Joining NAWO CEO Louise Weine are two exceptional leaders from our network and previous coaches in our Inclusion Habits for Operations Leaders program. They will share their insights and experiences of how they are building inclusion into their everyday approach to leadership to improve performance and engagement within their teams.

Meet the panel:

  • Jodie Murdoch, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Timberlink Australia and New Zealand
  • Matthew Brierley, Safety Integration Lead, Newmont Corporation

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* Findings from Deloitte Australia’s analysis of inclusion measures (fairness and respect, value and belonging, inspiration and confidence) based on a survey of 4,100 respondents in four organisations – The diversity and inclusion revolution: Eight powerful truths, Deloitte Review, issue 22.