Five things you need to know about menopause now


And how to support women in the workplace.

Fact: 59% of women say menopause negatively impacts their work

Yes - you read it right – that’s a bad stat and something we can collectively change. The fact is, menopause is little talked about and it’s time for that to change. Women can navigate menopause with confidence if they are equipped with awareness and the right workplace support.

Enter Melissa MacGowan and the Meno Collective. Melissa is partnering with us to lead a three-part series: Menopause and Workplace Support, and Five Things You Need to Know About Menopause is the first fabulous session for all members.

1 PM - 2 PM (AEDT)

Zoom webinar

For women and many others, menopause is a natural and inevitable time of life. However, 59% of women say menopause negatively impacts their work. Many women are unaware of the symptoms associated with menopause and perimenopause. The stigma of menopause prevents women from asking for the support they need when symptoms impact their work. As a result, some women consider reducing their hours or leaving work instead. Melissa’s session, Five Things You Need to Know About Menopause Now, is designed to equip women with the knowledge to navigate menopause and help increase leadership awareness around menopause.    Melissa runs two other sessions for menopause…

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