Fostering positive allyship in your team

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True allies walk the talk. They advocate, share opportunities, and do not become defensive when feedback is given. They understand the impact of daily behaviour and microaggressions. They are curious and invested in understanding the perspective and concerns of underrepresented people.

So how do we foster a culture of allyship within our teams?

1 - 3 PM AEST

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Like with all significant team undertakings, leaders have an important role to play. Leaders have to create safe spaces at work, where team members feel listened to and are given the opportunity to self-reflect and receive constructive feedback.

Leaders who are proactively fostering an environment of allyship can start by ensuring that:

  • Inappropriate behaviour is called out or in
  • All team members are tasked with actions aligned to fostering inclusion
  • The team uses inclusive language
  • Team members are open about the impacts of unconscious bias and privilege
  • Mistakes are forgiven and reflected upon. People feel safe to apologise and move forward.

Joining us to flesh out this topic further is NAWO board member and ally Matthew Brierley. Matthew will reflect on his journey to becoming an ally and how he believes leaders can foster a culture of allyship.

We’re all invested in creating teams that work well together, who are allies to each other, and who advocate on behalf of one another. We look forward to you joining the discussion and sharing your insight.

This member only Knowledge Share Forum is relevant and open to all those aiming to be better allies and foster a culture of allyship in their teams. We would love to see frontline leaders come together with HR Business partners so that the conversation can continue forward to action.

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