Future proofing diversity – a QLD quickbite

22.08.22EventIn personNetworkingQueensland

Join us for our upcoming in person event with our generous host, BlueScope to hear all about how we can bring about gender balance on our sites.

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • NAWO Member BlueScope
  • NAWO QLD Committee
  • NAWO Events

We’re delighted to have two incredibly experienced speakers join us for the event. From BlueScope, Andrew Glutz, (Processing & Logistics Manager QLD) will share the significant journey his sites have undergone over the last few years attracting & growing female talent.

Our external speaker, Kanchana Bishop, Senior Risk Consultant, MWS Risk, will share her personal experience and insights working in traditionally male dominated (TMD) roles & industry with us.

Attendees to this interactive session will hear about:

  • The role that hiring managers can play in bringing about change
  • How teams can support young women in traditionally male dominated roles
  • Communicating effectively with the next generation of workers as a means to bring about gender balance
  • How we can attract younger women into our operational teams

This event is relevant to industry professionals passionate about making gender balance change from any level/position, people looking for Inspiration how to build and lead diverse teams and anyone looking to form genuine connections within the NAWO network.

We’re super excited for this on site event and hope to see you there!