Inclusive habits – making them part of your everyday


When we tell leaders that they should be inclusive, they don't always know how to go about that. There is no definitive blueprint for being an inclusive leader. That's why we're thrilled to host this national webinar with Maureen Frank!

1 PM - 2 PM AEDT

Zoom Webinar

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Maureen Frank is the Chief Disruption Officer at Emberin, and has decades of experience working with leaders to be more inclusive.During our discussion, Maureen will take us through the Six Habits for Inclusive Leaders that Maureen has developed over the years.

  1. Acknowledgement the uneasiness of difference
  2. Communicate as one team
  3. Challenge the Status Quo
  4. Harness the power of the team
  5. Courageous Curiosity
  6. Fairness tailored to you

As part of the webinar, we are also going to introduce you to a new program, designed in partnership with Emberin specifically for our members called Inclusive Habits for Operational Leaders. This program is unique as it is curated specifically with operational leaders in mind, a very practical, time efficient and on the job program for front line through to senior operational leaders. Leaders will participate in habit changing experiments whilst performing their everyday work and they will experience how to embed these inclusive habits into their leadership practice.Join us to learn more about how you can embed inclusivity into your daily habits AND find out how to register for Inclusive Habits for Operational Leaders. We look forward to seeing you there!