Leveraging NAWO’s nine levers for gender balance assessment tool

27.05.24DigitalKnowledge Share ForumsNational

Join our CEO, Louise Weine in our first Knowledge Share Forum of 2023 to discuss how we can leverage NAWO's Nine Levers in our organisations to improve gender diversity and balance.

1 - 3 PM AEDT

Zoom meeting

In this Knowledge Share Forum, Louise will unpack the levers and will discuss how we can use the NAWO assessment tool to help determine the factors that are hindering progress on gender balance and identify where our focus should be. If you are in HRBP, DE&I or a leadership role that requires you to have strategic input into your DE&I focus for the year then this could be a great opportunity to learn about how this tool can help. This member only Knowledge Share Forum is relevant and open to hiring managers, talent acquisition specialists and HR business partners. Register…

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