Leveraging your strengths for strategic action to advance your career

19.06.24EventIn personNSW

Join us for this in person event to explore how you can leverage your strengths and strategically take your career to the next level.

11 AM - 1.30 PM AEST

Bega, 433 Victoria Street, Wetherill Park  NSW 2164 

Get your Hi-Vis ready – the NSW Committee is bringing you NAWO’s first NSW site tour of 2023 and speaker event with Bega! We’ll kick off the day with a site tour of the flavoured milk manufacturing plant where guests will have the chance to see how flavoured milk, custards and buttermilk are produced, bottled and distributed. After our site tour, we’ll enjoy lunch courtesy of Bega and then commence the speaking event. Knowing your strengths and how to leverage them to strategically manage and progress your career is crucial to having a fulfilling professional journey and landing that next promotion. So our special guest…

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