NAWO Executive Forum on Respect@Work

06.08.21DigitalExecutive ForumNational

It is our great pleasure to welcome Kate Jenkins, who will speak to the current issues around the prevention of sexual harassment and answer your questions. Kate will be joined by executives from two of our Premium Corporate Members – BHP and Programmed – who will share their proactive initiatives that align with the recommendations.


1 PM - 3 PM (AEST)



In 2018, the Government funded the Australian Human Rights Commission to undertake a landmark National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces. The product of this inquiry – the Respect@Work Report – provides a set of 55 comprehensive recommendations for addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. The Report found that sexual harassment is pervasive and widespread across Australian society, and that the existing system for addressing this problem is complex and confusing for both workers and employers.

In April this year, the Government released A Roadmap for Respect: Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces, setting out its strong, long-term commitment to building a culture of respectful relationships in Australian workplaces. As the Report highlights, preventing and addressing workplace sexual harassment requires a nation-wide effort and whole-of-society support. Governments, industry groups, professional organisations, employers, workers and the private sector have an ongoing role to play in supporting cultural change and creating safe workplaces.

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