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The verdict on inclusion in the workplace has never been more consistent – more inclusive workplaces experience higher productivity in their teams and better employee satisfaction. Inclusive teams also tend to be more creative, innovative, and better communicators. 

We’ve explored the importance of daring and courageous leadership in creating change within companies and making workplaces more inclusive. But, that’s not the whole story. 

1 PM - 2 PM

Zoom webinar

To effectively bring about change in organisations, leaders have to make inclusion “everybody’s business”. Inclusion then, is more than moving against the tide of an organisation. It becomes creating the waves that influence everyone to participate. In this webinar we’ve partnered with ITW and invited three creative and inspiring leaders to share the strategies they’re implementing to create positive change in ITW’s  “Everybody’s Business” initiative. Guest speakers Dominique Laragy, Naticia Zwanikken, and Abby Phillips, will join us for a  conversation about courageous leadership and how leading authentically can influence culture. In this webinar you will hear from our speakers about: How they…

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