Psychological safety to create high-performing and inclusive teams

28.05.24DigitalKnowledge Share ForumsNational

Join us for our next Knowledge Share Forum, all about creating inclusive workplaces that embrace psychological safety. Registrations are now open.

1:30PM - 3:00PM


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Are you looking to enhance team performance and foster inclusivity in your workplace? Sign up for our upcoming Knowledge Share Forum and learn about creating inclusive workplaces that embrace psychological safety.

In today’s evolving workplace, there’s a growing call to cultivate an environment of respect, productivity, engagement and safety, driven by the growing recognition of the undeniable benefits it brings. This and new legislative frameworks are putting psychological safety as a top priority.

Why commit to this? Research shows that colleagues who feel psychologically safe are more likely to engage in behaviours that drive productivity and innovation—speaking up, asking questions, sharing concerns and respectfully challenging ideas.

Join us for an engaging forum where you’ll uncover the essence of psychological safety and its impact on team dynamics. Through this interactive session filled with practical models and real-life stories, you’ll gain valuable tips and tools to create a supportive environment in which your team can thrive.

This is your chance to empower your team and drive success through a sense of belonging.

Save your spot now and let’s unlock your team’s full potential together!