Sexual Harassment in the workplace: how to recognise and respond

20.04.24EventIn personWestern Australia

Please join our WA Committee and The Experience Lab in one of our favourite Fremantle Breweries for a unique learning experience to better understand workplace sexual harassment and how to be an upstander.

Event 4 PM - 6 PM
Networking 6 PM - 7PM

Little Creature (Sonar Room)

42 Mews Rd 

Fishing Boat Harbour 


A  national survey  by the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2018 found 33% of respondents reported experiencing workplace sexual harassment.  Disturbingly, however, the majority did not formally report their experience or seek support or advice, “with many victims believing a formal complaint would be viewed as an overreaction or that it was easier to stay quiet”. Sexual harassment is any unwanted or unwelcome sexual behaviour where a reasonable person would have anticipated the possibility that the person harassed would feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.  As women are increasingly sharing historical occurrences of workplace sexual harassment in the public domain, we all have a responsibility…

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