South Australia Conversation Forum – ‘No chivalry is not dead – but it’s about time it was’

24.05.22Conversation ForumDigitalEventSouth Australia

We're very pleased to introduce and invite you to our first NAWO Conversation Forum! We've created this new NAWO segment to reflect on our webinar topics with you. These forums are an opportunity to turn our observations into actionable steps that make our workplaces more inclusive and gender balanced.

On Tuesday (May 10), we invited academic and author Beatrice Alba to discuss chivalry and benevolent sexism. The event 'No chivalry is not dead – but it’s about time it was' generated great discussion and engagement.

Now we want to take the conversation a step further and explore how this topic resonated with you. So, please join our first Conversation Forum!

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM AEST
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ACST


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Facilitated by our State Committees, this forum is chance to:

  • reflect on benevolent sexism in our work environments and identify what resonated for you and others most 
  • tackle questions and challenges the webinar raised for you 
  • determine actions you can take to improve your work environment 
  • outline steps you can take to ensure benevolent sexism is not negatively affecting women’s experiences in the workplace 

If you missed ‘No chivalry is not dead – but it’s about time it was’ – don’t worry. A recording of the National Webinar will be live in our member portal on Friday, May 13. 

Watch the replay in your members portal and join us! 

NAWO Conversation Forums 

NAWO Conversation Forums will be facilitated by our State Committees to ensure you get the chance to reflect on the National Webinar content and identify what resonated for you and others most, discuss questions and challenges that the content raised for you, and identify actions you can take to move forward from where you are today on the topic.