Supply Chain and the Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a substantial impact on logistics across Australia.

In our next webinar we are joined by experts from our Premium Corporate Member Linfox Logistics; who will discuss the ongoing impact of the pandemic on their business. We will focus on the Linfox Healthcare team, who had to think and work quickly and differently to achieve the safe, secure and compliant distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

1 PM - 2 PM AEDT

Zoom webinar

The extreme consumer demand for vaccines created a constant peak, and Linfox Healthcare team members worked tirelessly to deliver precious vaccine stock to Australians in NSW, Queensland and the ACT after being faced with the significant, unplanned logistics task triggered by Covid-19. To date, Linfox have delivered over ten million doses of the vaccine to the Australian people. In doing so they responded to and surmounted the challenges that came with this rollout. This is an inspiring story about how to seize opportunities and problem solve when something truly unexpected occurs that significantly impacts your business and your people.  Our…

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