Unleashing the power of invisible diversity


Join the NAWO Intersectionality Advisory Committee for a webinar on invisible diversity, where we will discuss diversities, intersectionalities and lived experiences that are often overlooked.

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1 PM - 2 PM AEDT

Zoom Webinar

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  • Complimentary for NAWO members
  • Non-member tickets are $39 Incl. GST

A lot of the time when we speak about diversity and differences in ability in the context of careers, we reference them in disempowering ways. It’s time for that to change – so join NAWO in conversation with the award-winning advocate Emily Unity!

While ultimately, a reimagining and rebuilding of the systems that shape our workplaces is what is required for radical and sustained change, this event seeks to shed a light on how women and others with invisible diversities can navigate the working spaces that they currently inhabit in a way that enables them to be their authentic selves. It is also an opportunity to get candid about what work managers and leaders can do to ensure their team members feel empowered to be themselves.

Joining us for this special event is Emily Unity, multiple award winning Keynote Speaker and Consultant (including Mental Health Advocate of the Year) to talk to us about their experiences identifying with various intersectional lived experiences (including invisible diversities and mental health challenges) and advocating for inclusion.

In our conversation with Emily, we will:

  • Discuss the benefits of understanding how invisible diversity exists in our teams at work
  • Unpack how to successfully navigate your own invisible diversity in the workplace
  • Reflect on the importance of empathy from leaders when balancing your duty of care and legal obligations
  • Emphasise the importance of holding people accountable for their outputs and results, whilst keeping in mind the role interruptions may play

The event will have an interactive Q&A component where you can join the conversation and we strongly encourage all our members to attend.

We are super excited for this event and look forward to seeing you there!