What your hiring process says about your culture

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The hiring process is a window into your organisation's culture, values and leadership.

Join us at our upcoming Knowledge Share Forum where will discuss the different stages of the talent acquisition process, and how we can acquire the best talent and create a positive experience for all applicants that approach our organisations.

1 - 3 PM AEDT

Zoom meeting


With the quest for quality employees becoming increasingly competitive, the need to embrace a diverse pool of talent is more important than ever before.

The hiring process is a window into your organisation’s culture, values and leadership. Candidates draw immediate and lasting conclusions from their experience as an applicant.

Every stage of the talent acquisition process matters. This starts with job analysis, design and specification, moves into marketing and employer branding, and is followed by all the touch points for candidates throughout the process of evaluation and assessment, ultimately with the candidate’s final outcome (successful or unsuccessful).

In this knowledge share we will discuss the four phases of the hiring process:

  • Job analysis, design and hiring specifications
  • Going to market and attracting talent
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Communicating with final candidates

During our discussion, we will identify the key elements that are important to consider in order to speak positively to candidates about your organisation’s culture and values.

To get your thoughts started take this quick quiz and see where you land with phase 1. We will take the subsequent quizzes during our knowledge share session.

This member only Knowledge Share Forum is relevant and open to hiring managers, talent acquisition specialists and HR business partners. Register to receive a calendar invitation to attend this forum. Two representatives per member organisation are welcome.