Leveraging cultural diversity and intersectionality for a stellar career in operations


A lot of the time when we speak about cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and religious differences in the context of careers, we reference them in disempowering ways. It's time for that to change.

1 PM - 2 PM AEDT

Zoom Webinar

The systems that govern our workplaces have historically been designed to preserve certain power structures, giving privilege to some while simultaneously withholding privilege and opportunities from others. While ultimately, a reimagining and rebuilding of these systems is what is required for radical and sustained change, this event seeks to shed a light on how CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) women can navigate the working spaces that they currently inhabit and how incredibly empowering having a CALD background can be. Joining us for this special event are Fabiola Campbell, founder of Professional Migrant Women, Shubhada Gandhi, General Manager Finance at Inghams…

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