Designing effective and inclusive policy – an intersectional approach

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Progressive organisations are competing to create equitable and inclusive workplaces where talented people want to work. But they'll fail to consider all biases and support their talent if they don't design policy from an intersectional lens.

In order to achieve more gender balanced workplaces that are truly inclusive and attract the best talent, policy designers and influencers must engage with the concept of intersectionality.

However, intersectionality can be a challenging and complex theory to apply, even for those of us who are seasoned practitioners in the inclusion and diversity space. So how do you design effective policy from an intersectional lens?

Join us for our upcoming Knowledge Share Forum, where we will hear from members of the NAWO Intersectionality Advisory Committee (IAC), in conversation with Gemma Saunders, Founder and Lead Consultant at Workplace Edit.

1 PM - 3 PM AEDT


You can learn to start designing effective policy with a: a deeper understanding of intersectionality a policy framework checklist to explore and implement in your organisation Background on intersectionality and policy design Race, class, gender identity, disability status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, migration status, and faith are all markers of inequality that have traditionally been addressed separately. As a result, the experiences of people who identify with more than one marker have been ignored. Intersectionality – introduced by Kimberlé Crenshaw – addresses this problem by focusing on the ways these identities operate simultaneously and inform peoples’ experiences of bias and discrimination.Designing policy from an intersectional lens demonstrates an…

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