Family Friendly Workplaces – What does it take to be one?

26.07.22DigitalKnowledge Share ForumsNational

Our upcoming knowledge share forum focuses on the national + family work standards, which are a set of best practice guidelines that help employers support their people in meeting their work, family, and overall wellbeing needs.

1 - 3 PM AEST

Zoom meeting


The national + family works standards is a certification program launched by Family Friendly Workplaces in May of 2021. Since then, over 70 organisations have become certified, including NAWO members Pernod Ricard and PepsiCo.

Some of the actions that certified organisations are taking include:

  • educating company leaders on the importance of codifying family friendly work practices
  • creating an embedding a formalised carer’s policy
  • expanding support for employee access to child care
  • implementing inclusive paid parental leave policies

To further explore the initiatives that will get our membership closer to achieving family friendly workplaces and becoming certified, we’ve invited Kiri Stejko from Parents at Work to join us at our next knowledge share forum.

Parents at Work is the leading organisation that provides family and work education and policy advisory services to businesses. Kiri has a background in people & culture and now works with HR and business leaders to build family friendly cultures.

If you would like to learn more about the the national + family work standards and certification process, you can read Family Friendly workplace’s report – Bridging the work and family divide: Understanding the benefits of family friendly workplaces.

This member only Knowledge Share Forum is relevant and open to policy developers, HR partners, and leaders who are influencing change and are responsible for policy development and implementation. Register to receive a calendar invitation to attend this forum. Two representatives per member organisation are welcome.