Setting yourself up for success: how to generate engagement at the right levels.

22.09.21DigitalInclusion InfluencersNational

The purpose of this event is to facilitate a community of practice within our NAWO network for our inclusion influencers, those who are responsible, at the organisational level for I&D change. I&D professionals, Inclusion Influencer Graduates or any leader having direct responsibility for implementation are welcome to attend.

We welcome registrations from graduates from the NAWO Inclusion Influencers Program, Inclusions and Diversity professionals, and other leaders specifically responsible at an organisational level for I&D outcomes.

1 PM - 3 PM (AEST)

Zoom Meeting

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As you know, engaging people in I&D strategy is not always straight forward as often there are multiple stakeholders at different levels and in different functions.

The first layer of the NAWO Nine levers for Gender Balance identifies three leadership levers that need to be activated for successful I&D strategy deployment:

Lever 1: Unwavering leadership commitment
Lever 2: Engaging and supporting leaders as role models
Lever 3: Clearly articulating the benefits of diverse teams at all levels

Activating these levers is easier said than done and it can be hard to get the balance between HR/P&C led and business led initiatives. Resources are a constraint at the best of times, and it is difficult to keep I&D high on the priority list.

If these challenges resonate with you and you are responsible for driving the I&D agenda in your organisation then this specific stream of our Knowledge Share Forums could be exactly what you need to effect the change you want to see.

During the two hour session we will hear how Premium Corporate Member Bluescope has engaged key stakeholders in their I&D strategy. Organisational Development Manager Anna Di Giorgio will share initiatives on how to keep I&D on the agenda, followed by a facilitated discussion around themes relevant to the first layer of the Nine Levers, including:

  • The importance of CEO/Exec support and how to gain it
  • Roles of Employee Reference Groups – what works and what doesn’t
  • HR led initiatives v business led initiatives – how to get the balance
  • Doing more with less – ideas for resourcing

Our facilitator is Lea Baxter. Lea is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of I&D strategy, and enabling initiatives at Aurizon across three key focus areas; Gender Balance, LGBTIQ, and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander inclusion.