‘The only unicorn in the village’ – reframing fatherhood and masculinity with Michael Ray


Michael Ray, from Only Unicorn in the Village is facilitating this national webinar and we can’t wait for you to be as inspired by his story as we are.

Michael Ray is one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices Gender Equality Australia and is joining us for an in-depth discussion about masculinity, fatherhood, and the positive impacts a shift in our thinking can have on the relationship between fathers and children.

1 PM - 2 PM AEST


Traditional parental leave policy in Australia has consistently failed to actively support and encourage fathers as carers. A mix of policy, gender stereotyping and general lack of workplace flexibility available to men has resulted in fathers’ reduced ability to engage in the parenting experience in a meaningful way. Pleasingly, things are changing, albeit slowly. Many NAWO member companies are working very hard to change their policy settings and leadership attitudes towards men and parenting. Fathers are taking action to shift the paradigm and mothers are reflecting upon how they can play a different role moving forward. Another very important part…

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