Supporting Male Allies

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An Australian first study by Jesuit Social Services - The Men’s Project - involving 1,000 men aged 18 to 30 has shown that young men who comply with society’s pressures to be a ‘real man’ report poorer mental health, are twice as likely to consider suicide, more likely to commit acts of sexual harassment and experience and perform acts of violence and bullying. The good news from this research though is that "if people … shift these man box attitudes, we know that's good for men and boys, as well as the people in their lives."

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Male allies are vital to achieving gender balance. But being an ally can be daunting, and uncomfortable, particularly as this may require men to move out of the ‘man box‘ –  a set of beliefs within and across society that can place pressure on men to be a certain way. So how can we encourage and support allies at every level in our organisations, particularly when we know these pressures to stay in the ‘man box’ are real; and possibly increasing as society grapples with uncomfortable conversations about topics such as sexual harassment, quotas, bias and privilege? Join Louise Weine and Paul Zappa, GM Primary Prevention and Community Programs,…

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